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Symmetric Inequality / Desigualdad Simétrica, Bilbao: Sala Rekalde, 2009 (Basque, Spanish, English) & Haegue Yang. Two of her Sonic Dress Vehicles feature here, where the blinds are attached to frames on wheels, covered in bells. Haegue Yang was born in 1971 in Seoul, South Korea and currently lives and works between Berlin and Seoul. Crystalline Hovering and Projecting – Trustworthy #361, 2018. ... melancholy works made from venetian blinds and other domestic objects, Yang … Haegue Yang Selected Bibliography . Haegue Yang: ETA 1994-2018, ed. Yang graduated with a BFA from Seoul National University, then attended Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, Germany, receiving an MFA in 1999. Artificial straw, powder-coated steel frame, powder-coated mesh, casters, 203 x 120 x 120 cm. Haegue Yang Accomodating the Epic Dispersion - On Non-cathartic Volume of Dispersion, 2012. 1971, South Korea) lives and works in Berlin and Seoul. Living between Seoul and Berlin, Yang employs industrially produced quotidian items, digital processes, and labor-intensive craft techniques. by Yilmaz Dziewior, Cologne 2018. She is best known for drawing on a wide repertoire of ordinary household objects to create visually abstract sculpture and installations that delve into a cacophony of social, historical and political narratives. This suspended sculpture is made of over 500 Venetian blinds. Installation dims: 139.76 x 149.61 inches (355 x 380 cm) Haegue Yang seeks isolation and then mines the accompanying confusion to reflect on the nature of belonging. Nov 2,2019-Apr 5,2020. To this end, she often includes complex formations of ordinary Venetian blinds, which provide porous boundaries for viewers to navigate around. One of the leading and most significant artists of her generation, Yang moved to Germany in 1994 to study at the renowned art school Städelschule, where she received a Meisterschüler. 1971, Seoul) consistent curiosity about the world and tireless experimentation with materializing the complexity of identities in flux. ... venetian blinds have become a key part of her most recognised works. Installation view, Haegue Yang, 'Triple Vita Nestings', Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Click to enlarge. Haegue Yang. Haegue Yang, Woven Currents – Confluence of Parallels, 2020 (detail).Aluminum venetian blinds, powder-coated aluminum hanging structure, steel wire rope, LED tubes, cable. Dimensions variable. Titled 'Lingering Nous', it is composed of amethyst and jade-coloured blinds, which are suspended from the ceiling and lit by LED chandeliers. Haegue Yang’s works are often recognised by their eclectic arrangement of utilitarian products – electric cables, artificial plants, synthetic straws, metal plated bells, turbine vents, light bulbs – and, perhaps most notably, venetian blinds, which entered her vocabulary in 2006. In the Cone of Uncertainty foregrounds Haegue Yang’s (b. by Sinéad McCarthy, exh. Sep 4, 2014 - Click to enlarge South Korean artist Haegue Yang (aka Heike Jung), living and working in in both Berlin and Seoul, believes that there is “a mysteriousness and spirituality in the most banal things.” Her use of window shades in many of her installations seems to be proof of this. All photos: Latitudes | www.lttds.org Haegue Yang’s installation Lethal Love (2008), now showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the Sydney Biennale, seems to recreate this mise-en-scene with its maze of hanging Venetian blinds. Haegue Yang is a Korean artist based in Berlin and Seoul who is well known for working with mundane materials such as venetian blinds, decorative lights, and fans. Haegue Yang, Rivane Neuenschwander, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck. Haegue Yang’s mobile sculptures, Dress Vehicles, are displayed in the Tanks. She is currently Professor of Fine Art at her alma mater. Haegue Yang / South Korea/Germany b.1971 / Sol LeWitt Upside Down – Open Modular Cubes (Small), Expanded 958 Times 2015 / Aluminium Venetian blinds, aluminium hanging structure, powder coating, steel wire / 560 x 1052.5 x 562.5 cm / Commissioned for APT8. 3.9 It’s a good moment for the South Korean artist Haegue Yang in London: Tate Modern’s showing a … Her colourful installations and performative sculptures frequently combine domestic and industrial materials with sound and light. dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, Germany, 9 June–16 September 2012. 1971, Seoul, Korea. Purchase, with funds from Eleanor and Francis Shen, the David Yuile and Mary Elizabeth Hodgson Fund, Women’s Art Initiative, the Janet and Michael Scott Fund, the Contemporary Circle … Towards Haegue Yang’s Blind Rooms published in Haegue Yang. Haegue Yang. Haegue Yang. Haegue Yang has designed a huge installation comprising over 500 venetian blinds. Haegue Yang (b. Aluminum Venetian blinds, powdercoated steel frame, perforated metal plates, light bulbs, cable Munich version 375 2/8 x 376 6/8 x 1007 7/8 inchesBasel version 336 5/8 x 381 2/4 x 1011 3/8 inches. Presently, Yang has an installation titled… Although her earlier works were usually triggered by historical and political references, Haegue Yang sees this one as a new departure towards abstraction – a kind of shaking off of the … Haegue Yang: ETA 1994–2018, 2018 Wolfgang Hahn Prize, ed. Humour is a major thread throughout Yang’s work. Yang’s best known for her works involving Venetian blinds. Yang’s choice highlights the unique sculptural possibilities of these ordinary window coverings. Diagonal shadows stripe the faces of visitors as they peer through the … Yang often makes work using everyday domestic items, transforming them in extraordinary ways. Haegue Yang, Courtesy the artist.. At Haegue Yang’s exhibition at the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, “Shooting the Elephant 象 Thinking the Elephant,” the visitor will encounter installations and sculptures composed of bright brass bells, electric fans, light bulbs, and Venetian blinds, all involved in a dance of movement, light, texture, and sound. by Carla Cugini, Cologne 2018. Haegue Yang integrates vast color schemes to make these no ordinary blinds you'd see in your bedroom. Born in Seoul in 1971, Haegue Yang employed ordinary Venetian blinds, a staple in her work since 2006, for the monumental abstract composition. Courtesy of the artist and Barbara Wien, Berlin Haegue Yang’s art resists a defining medium, … Inquire Close. cat. Haegue Yang's motorised venetian blinds in Kassel's former central station. Yang’s visual, sound, and olfactory installations reveal the intersections of public and private. Born 1971 in Seoul, South Korea Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Seoul. They can be flat or three dimensional, opaque or transparent, compressed or expanded. The Intermediate – Tilted Bushy Lumpy Bumpy, 2016. Haegue Yang: Venetian Blinds Art. Lives in Berlin, and Seoul, Korea Holiday For Tomorrow (2007) Wooden screens (Yes-I-Know-Screen); PVC, shells (Shell Sculpture); 10 multi-coloured Venetian blinds, steel cable (Blind Department); wooden platform with monitor showing 13 min DVD (Holiday Story). Two of her Sonic Dress Vehicles feature here, where the blinds are attached to. Photo: Studio Haegue Yang. 2011 Escaping Things and Words, Haegue Yang, Rivane Neuenschwander, Kunsthalle Lingen, Lingen The Art and Technique of Folding the Land, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado* The Sea Wall: Haegue Yang with an inclusion by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Arnolfini, Bristol Haegue Yang’s symphony of blinds rises through the vast foyer of Paris’s Centre Pompidou PARIS – To celebrate France-Korea Year 2015-2016, the Centre Pompidou in Paris invited South Korean artist Haegue Yang to make a site-specific installation to be shown … Yang’s work has been exhibited internationally since the mid-1990s. Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool 2018. Various security envelopes, graph paper, laser prints on paper, self-adhesive holographic and reflective vinyl film on cardboard, framed, self-adhesive holographic and digitally color printed vinyl film. Marc and Annette Kemmler Collection. Haegue Yang is an artist known for her subtle use of mundane objects within sensory installations. Haegue Yang b. Liberating the blinds from their original function, she elevated the ready-mades to reveal their aesthetic quality. Haegue Yang (b.1971) is a South Korean artist, who lives and works in Berlin and Seoul. Purchased 2015 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AC, through the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Foundation. South Korean artist Haegue Yang (aka Heike Jung), living and working in in both Berlin and Seoul, believes that there is “a mysteriousness and spirituality in the most banal things.” Her use of window … South Korean artist Haegue Yang has made a duo-chromatic installation using Venetian blinds for the forum of the Centre Pompidou this summer. The wheeled structures are constructed from aluminium frames, blinds and intricate knotted textile macramé. Visiting an art exhibit put on by Haegue Yang is the ultimate sensory experience. Monographs, Artists’ Books and Exhibition Catalogs (chronological-alphabetical) 2018 Beautiful World, Where Are You?, ed. From Guggenheim Museum, Haegue Yang, Series of Vulnerable Arrangements--Voice and Wind (detail) (2009), Aluminum venetian blinds, aluminum frame, industria…

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