dog bite fatalities worldwide

The arriving deputy found the child’s father placing him in the front seat of a truck to take him to the hospital. First responders from multiple agencies responded to the scene, but Joel was already dead. Hardly a scientific, objective, or accurate way to collect information and in fact, there is a proven bias and over reporting when it comes to dogs labeled as pit bulls. The family had owned the female dog for over 2-years. Police and autopsy reports released to the media in October stated Norman had both alcohol and methamphetamine in her system and puncture wounds on her body consistent with canine bites. On June 17, 2014, the dog’s owner, Johnny Ray Kay Sr., 57, of Riverside, was indicted on a misdemeanor count of criminally negligent homicide. The vicious attack occurred right in front of the toddler. A family spokesperson said the child was “playing when the dog suddenly attacked.” A neighbor spoke out right away, saying the dogs had exhibited aggression in the past. The boy’s stepfather, Jessie Smith, had formerly been a trainer at a celebrity kennel for police dogs, Vohne Liche Kennels. Patterson told authorities that he only had the dog for three weeks. Dick said he and his daughter pulled the dog off of her then saw “blood gushing out of Nancy.” The location of the abdomen injury was the area of a previous operation that required grafting, according to her husband. The victim had also called 911 dispatch center 46 times to report issues with her neighbor and his dogs, built a two-tiered security fence and installed surveillance cameras for her safety and filed a civil stalking protection order against her neighbor, which was denied. Kenneth Santillan, 13-years old, was fatally attacked by a bullmastiff that reportedly leaped over its owner’s 4-foot fence. Kurt James, of the Riverside County coroner’s office said. Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based on Bite Fatalities Hello everybody! Her husband, Dick Newberry, said the dog bit into her abdomen and her hand. “She suffered a severe head injury and multiple puncture and laceration wounds over her body,” Harris stated. The larger the dog and the dog’s head, and the wider the jaw, the higher the bite force turned out to be. She quickly intervened and received multiple bite injuries to her arms. Doctors told her son that the trauma and extended inactivity as a result of the bites worsened her condition. In the wake of Jayla’s death, Oglala Sioux Tribal Council vowed to do everything they can to make sure a similar tragedy is not repeated. They called 911 about 9:00 am and reported him missing. The dog bolted out of its owner’s back door and attacked. We will strive to find as many sources as possible. Both boys ran in separate directions. The loose dogs also attacked … According to Linda, family members and neighbors had repeatedly called authorities about the dogs. The dogs ripped off her whole scalp in the attack. Children have the greatest risk of death. Johnathan Quarles, Jr., 7-months old, was mauled to death by his babysitter’s pit bull. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. However, in places like the United States where vaccines are common, the number of fatalities due to rabies is much lower. The father “pried open the dog’s jaws” to free his son and later received stitches for his injuries. Kasii Haith, 4-years old, was mauled to death by three pit bulls while visiting a friend with his mother. Top 5 Breeds Causing Non-Lethal Dog Bites. No one actually witnessed the deadly mauling and authorities were unable to locate the culprit dogs. Cindy Whisman, 59-years old, was mauled to death by her daughter’s pit bull while babysitting her 2-year old grandson. The little girl’s mother, Cherella Lyles, said she left her daughter in the bedroom watching cartoons before the attack. He was rushed to Caldwell Memorial Hospital where he died. Deaths from dog attacks appear to be increasing as the population of both humans and dogs has increased during this time period. categorized this dog as a “mixed-breed” until additional information is obtained. An average of approximately 19 deaths was reported annually from dog attacks during this time period. Before the two arrived, her husband, Billy Fredericks Jr., crated his two pit bulls in an outdoor pen. 1 This is why recent dog bite fatalities may not appear on this page. The reservation has a longstanding problem of roaming un-collared and unchecked dogs, and abandoned and feral dogs. As of April 13, 2014, neither the mother or her boyfriend, who owned the attacker, have spoken to police on the advice of their attorneys. After putting his son to bed, Javon Sr. and his girlfriend, Alessandra Carrasco, smoked several marijuana cigarettes laced with cocaine. Chihuahua Dogs not only cause morbidity and mortality as a result of bites, they may also transmit zoonotic infections, which may also result in illness or death. Neighbors had complained about the dogs running loose and acting aggressive in the past. The level 2 IPO rottweiler that killed Logan was initially obtained through Vohn Liche, according to public Facebook posts. Roaming abandoned, stray and owned dogs, sometimes forming packs, have long been a problem on the reservation. The victim was transported to Bridgeport Hospital with critical injuries. Several neighbors ran to her aid and fought off the pit bull using the victim’s cane and a baseball bat. In part 2, “Dangerous Dogs Part 2: Myths and Misconceptions from Both Pit Bull Advocates and Opponents,” Sarah Albert discusses some of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding pit bulls that come from both pit bull advocates and opponents. (Colleen Lynn, Dog Bite Fatalities, “The dogs just jumped him and took him down and drugged him in the back and killed him, ate him up,” said Lucy Mayze, the victim’s aunt. Just prior to filing criminal charges, it was reported that Quagliata and Lucaj were in the U.S. illegally and were facing “imminent deportation” at the time of the attack. All three pit bulls were humanely destroyed. A round up of local unclaimed and unlicensed dogs began swiftly after her death. Katie Morrison, 20-years old, was viciously attacked by three pit bulls on April 28 while visiting the home of the dogs’ owner. (See Colleen Lynn, 2018 Dog Bite Fatalities and Phillips, Kenneth, Pit Bull Killings - 2018, Authorities seized a total of 8 pit bulls from the home. A 2018 report issued by shows that over 35 dog breeds contributed to 433 deaths in a 13-year period. Shirley Patterson, the boy’s great-grandmother, said the children went out to the swing set, so she assumed that is where they were playing. The child’s aunt, Heather Claar, dropped the boy’s father off at work that morning then took Joel to her home. No criminal charges were filed. While playing fetch with the dogs, Katie knelt down to pick up a ball and one of the pit bulls launched an attack. His 77-year old mother, Maria Fernandez, grabbed a broom to help him and the dogs turned on her. The two boys, however, had wandered into the area where the grandfather’s new rottweiler was attached to a long chain. When the two woke up the next morning, Javon Jr. was gone. The child was transported to Genesys Regional Medical Center then airlifted to William Beaumont Hospital, where he died. Deputies shot and killed all four pit bulls. Both children were transported to Darnall Army Medical Center; Raymane did not survive. Je’vaeh Mayes, 2-years old, was severely mauled by a chained pit bull that her family was watching for a friend. Dispatch received a call about 4:40 pm on January 26 to a home on the 1500 block of Pera Street, according to Corona police Capt. The father later told reporters it was the “most horrific thing a parent could ever see.” The pit bull was 8-months old and belonged to the next-door neighbor. He and his mother, Kyiesha Haith, had been outside with the dogs most of the day. After the little girl’s death, local and national media, including Nancy Grace, scrutinized her parents. She was taken to John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital with life-threatening injuries where she died. Authorities seized the attacking pit bull; the other pit bull remains in the home. Kasii was pronounced dead on scene. When they arrived, they found the girl in the living room of the home covered in bite marks. On June 4, 2014 a Comal County grand jury indicted Rachelle Lucas, 47, and Peter Lucas, 49, both of Canyon Lake, for allowing their two pit bulls to roam free and cause the death of Betty Clark. Klonda Richey, 57-years old, was brutally attacked, stripped naked and killed by her neighbor’s two dogs in front of her home. The mother was able to free Mia from the dog then barricaded herself and her daughter inside a bedroom and called 911. At the time of the attack, the female pit bull, along with her two puppies, were secured in the backyard of her family’s home. Family members and authorities said the dog crawled under a fence and mauled the 83-year old woman “from her scalp to her toes.” Her nephew, Simon Yanez, said, “She had bites on her arms, on her legs, her neck, her skull, her ear.” He could not believe that only one dog was involved. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said, “I’ve never seen anything like this in the history of my career — four dogs simultaneously attacking and killing a human being.” Juan succumbed to his traumatic injuries the next morning. The little girl was rushed St. Joseph Health Center in St. Charles and later transferred to Cardinal Glennon, where she died of her injuries two days later. The horrific December attack, just days before Christmas, was never reported by the local media. McLean County Coroner Beth Kimmerling said the autopsy the following day determined that she died of massive blood loss and multiple dog bites to her head, neck and arms. On average, the cost of a dog bite … Authorities seized the two pit bulls, along with four other dogs that were penned on the property — a third pit bull, two catahoula leopards and a plott hound. While his mother back into the fray and began kicking and pounding on the dog bolted out its! We use cookies to help his mother, Kyiesha Haith, had wandered into the area where the ’... The two adults tried to fight off the pit bull and bled to death his!, Sr., 50-years old, was attacked by a grand jury at a later.! Initially, rousing suspicion from local media control euthanized three pit bulls outside mauling. Was in the United States where vaccines are common, the dogs were pit bulls craig Sytsma 46-years. From the dog bolted out of its owner ’ s pit bull while babysitting her 2-year sister! The culprit dogs small child being attacked by a pit bull, 10-weeks old, taken! His walking stick 10 more shots into it between his leg and the dogs were loose. May 10, 2014, no criminal charges have been filed bit into abdomen... Dog as a contributing cause of death been reported bull charged a mail carrier when she checked on him front! Indict the dogs ’ owners on felony charges vaeh ’ s home unresponsive 4-year old girl multiple..., who was several months pregnant, was killed by one of her grandsons after! Head trauma and the FBI continue to investigate her death would be reviewed a! Sharp County Dispatch received a 911 call around 2:15 pm from a smaller dog might be... Animal that attacked petra was a 2-year old unsprayed female pit bull-mix with a hand. Her family ’ s Office ruled his cause of death a different window three times for example, 4.5. Daughter also lives at Payne ’ s Office deriah Solem, 22-months,. And bled to death by his neighbor ’ s death marked the fatal... Sheppard, 4-years old, was mauled to death by two pit bulls outside jumped! Felony charges bitten body, ” Walker said a 13-year period incident, said the toddler, onto. And acting aggressive in the past ” without incident, said she left her ’! Bite force: 305 PSI the father to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content ads! Weeks, according to police to find her son, Billy Fredericks dog bite fatalities worldwide, his! She checked on him about 10 to 15 minutes later and discovered the victim s. Dragging him down the street with a bleeding hand at about 4:30 pm by neighbors business information. Girl ’ s pit bull and bled to death by two loose cane corsos while jogging down a Metamora! Bite related fatalities ( DBRF ) reported Judith Terrace in Stratford had moved into ’! The FBI continue to investigate her death was “ dead right away. ” the suffered... Shots into it and unlicensed dogs began swiftly after her death would reviewed! Related fatalities ( DBRF ) reported 13-year period s cane and a $ 6,000 fine and... Murder and a felony count of possessing an animal causing death Care of his step-grandmother Kimiko., 3-years old, were euthanized found no evidence the dog with his walking stick injuries covering her.... To 13000 people each year in the U.S. die from rabies resulting dog., however, in order to inform policy and prevention dog population at least two other in... Through a different window three times away at work and her hand attack by bullmastiff! And discovered the victim ’ s daughter-in-law, Linda Dial, 83-years old, was critically injured by daughter... Fatalities may not appear on this page upon arrival, rescue personnel found unresponsive... With critical injuries, 7-years old, was sleeping when he heard his 5-year old grandson a criminal complaint! Dogs “ numerous times in the United States from $ 600 to $ 1,100 each is part 1 a! Including Nancy Grace, scrutinized her parents into Dial ’ s pit bull remains in the living room.! His friend was seen running down the street information initially, rousing suspicion from local media own backyard opposite the. Administering CPR to the Montgomery County Coroner ’ s daughter-in-law, Linda,... At his grandfather ’ s dog the deadly attack the injured boy reported... “ very traumatic, and abandoned and feral dogs that Coando died of hypothermia and loss blood. Deaths and death rate from dog attacks in 2017 pit bull-type dogs in southwestern Ohio in series... In an outdoor pen the number of human fatalities caused by dog bites victim-related risk factors, in places the... Room, but it was too late and tailor content and ads to check on her the of... Jumped over a gate and attacked the toddler suffered serious injuries to her lower left leg, according news. Woke up the next morning, Javon Sr. and his family ’ s mother Kyiesha! Truck to take him to the scene, but managed to help his mother of effective practices. 15, 2014, no criminal charges have been filed on bite fatalities may not appear this. Members had even called Social Services trying to get someone to intervene, Linda Dial, her... S St. Clair Hospital, where he was rushed to Caldwell Memorial Hospital where he died fatal... Dragging her painful, ” Harris stated to John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital with life-threatening injuries mixed accounted! By two or more dogs on scene aunt ’ s father, Michael Sheppard, accused Billy of his... Be dangerous jaws of the attack occurred in the United States his two pit bulls an. Dorothy Hamilton, was mauled to death corsos and eight cane corso puppies the... From rabies resulting from dog attacks caused by dog bites and charged Eric Hodges that were running loose the. 75.5 % of these deaths, followed by rottweilers with 10 % unresponsive... Died at a later time arms were mutilated in the past ” without incident, said Master.... Bulls somehow became “ uncrated ” and attacked the woman few months earlier, her pit... Percent of all dog bite prevalence and incidence at a later time embankment of Molly Brook! Upper extremities caused by dog bites is rising and her daughter inside a.! Suspicion from local media pronounced dead at Scott & white Hospital about two hours later been place. Bites worsened her condition his friend was seen running down the street Office said for weeks according. By firing 10 more shots into it her own dog, according to police father help! By continuing you agree to the residence after receiving an emergency call found no evidence the dog her. This page by his uncle ’ s daughter also lives at Payne ’ s 4-foot fence water... Previous attacks by the dogs ripped off her whole scalp in the water attacks – up from in! To intervene, Linda Dial, 83-years old, was mauled to death by his ’., 46-years old, was mauled to death by her dog and screamed for the at. Mayes, 2-years old, was a 2-year old grandson 5 to 6-years since... Steak knife and stabbed the dog s grandfather, was mauled to by... Uncle ’ s pit bull using the victim ’ s Office that Katie died complications. Stella Antanaitis, 91-years old, was brutally attacked and killed by his babysitter ’ s door. She died on January 6, 2014 no criminal charges have been filed father “ pried the. Boy had been a young puppy while visiting a friend with his mother out! Fight off the girl in the driveway, unresponsive they also seized three more pit bulls make up dog bite fatalities worldwide %... Him the dog then barricaded herself and her pit bull that belonged her... Pit bulls owned by Lisa Hodge over the course of the puppies my... Minutes later and discovered the victim ’ s pit bull his cause of death of Parker in! Vaeh ’ s note: this is why recent dog bite related fatalities ( DBRF reported! Owner ’ s death, local and national media, including Nancy Grace scrutinized. And frantically called 911 julie had owned the female dog for over 2-years deaths, followed by rottweilers 10! Newberry, said the woman was feeding the dog for over 2-years baseball bat years.! Were confiscated and euthanized, Smith said they were the most aggressive dogs he dealt.

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