how to use zanki with pathoma

into duodenal cells. For me, mastering the content as much as possible worked but I don't recommend doing it that way because of how much it stressed me out toward the end. Okay just to be clear, I'm just the crappy illustrator. This integration allows users to take full advantage of the. A lot of stuff in Zanki's deck is now popping up on my IM rotations and the residents/interns are surprised I've heard of some of the stuff they've pimped me on - but that matters less to you at this stage. are all incorporated into Zanki in some way. This deck has detailed cards from all of First Aid plus Pathoma, BRS Physio , Sketchy Medical , and Kaplan Lecture Notes . For example, if you only do it by subject and you're doing endocrine and the question suggests a secretory diarrhea caused by a cancer, you'll think of thyroid cancer. Download our FREE USMLE Step 1 6 Week Study Schedule here! Sinai School of Medicine I do not recommend "brute forcing" Zanki. Pathology – Duke’s Pathoma This deck is a fan favorite for those overwhelmed with the high number of cards in Zanki or Light year. and how big was anatomy on step 1? That’s why we’ve sent some of our most experienced USMLE tutors to test out different flashcard sites and provide a complete review of their features. A random assortment of 7 blocks. I just need lots of reinforcement. Since we first posted this review in 2018, flashcard resources have grown more an more unequal. If you used UWorld to study for Step 1, please describe how Many people do better with fewer resources. A few people have reached out to me after I responded to an earlier thread about having a version of Zanki with the Pathoma tagged by video and therefore structured like LY's deck for BaB. One of the best decks out there is the Zanki deck created by an anonymous medical student and edited/updated constantly by the Reddit community. The bad news is that there are fewer resources to use for Step 2 compared to step 1. I don’t know which one came first, but those seem to be vastly different approaches. If you are the type of person that won’t be able to keep up with your cards, another resource is your best bet., is a wonderfully thorough resource that sums most of the content from, decks released in 2017 based off the original 2014. decks. Or is it just presented in a different way than in Zanki? Images from Pepper Pharm and Pepper Micro. Use what works for you. Does the SALT deck have information not included in Zanki? 2 years ago. Trust in UW, FA, and/or Pathoma. It is smaller and more manageable than Zanki, still comprehensive and better curated. It promised to cover everything you need to know. 3 Neoplasia. There are two small ones downsides. I recommend using the Zanki Neoplasia deck first and supplementing with the lolnotacop Ch. Updating from Cheesy Dorian, Dorian or Zanki Step 2 video. Watch out for errors! 2. Most important: 1. They have great USMLE scores, amazing clerkship evaluations, and glowing letters of recommendation. Credit for the solid content goes to Duke. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. How I studied M2: First half of M2: Watch Pathoma, do corresponding Zanki Path and Physiology cards. For example, if I reviewed 1.1 on Growth Adaptations, is there a more elegant way to filter the cards I need besides just searching “growth adaptations” in the top bar? The recent release date (2017) means errata are not well developed. If you are the type of person that won’t be able to keep up with your cards, another resource is your best bet. GIVEAWAY RULES BELOW! Zanki BG deck which is based on the original Zanki deck. This method provides spaces for you to fill in the gaps. Here is an example of the layout of pre- divided decks: Second Downside: Not all information is directly USMLE Step 1-relevant. When you get the answer, you’re shown the transporter type as well as a diagram that can cement where that transporter falls in the big picture of duodenal absorption. I STRONGLY recommend you read the above posts (especially the original Zanki deck) so that you understand how the decks were made and how to best use them. Anatomy was a small part of it - I think I had around 10 questions. The cards are concise and specific, using retrieval-based learning in small enough doses to stay fast-paced. Here is an example of the layout of pre- divided decks: Not all information is directly USMLE Step 1-relevant. Zanki (and most other pre-made decks) use the “atomic cards” principle, while in this article you seem to create very wide ranging cards, with broad topics. Take a look at the card below, for example: This Zanki card gives you a concise question with a clear answer format. It is more efficient to learn the material first and then use … *We do recognize and respect that all students are different, and that some students strongly prefer to use Anki cards as a primary resource. 2nd year here. This can feel a little stressful if you don’t know how to look for high yield material. ***If you are under 6 weeks from your Step 1 test date and are only now are weighing your flashcard platform options, we strongly advise you to contact us right away for structured help. There are just too many cards (20,000+) to get through in a single dedicated test prep time frame (

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