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We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. Some time later, Van der Linde met the infamous outlaw named Colm O'Driscoll and the leader of his own gang The O'Driscoll Boys. As a legendary outlaw, Dutch is opposed by the authorities and rival gangs. Dutch suddenly inches closer to the door and shoots the young woman in the head while throwing her corpse into John's arms. Affiliations In the meantime, Abigail was arrested. While in exile on Guarma, his appearance becomes unkempt; he has an elongated moustache and he develops stubble around his face, while his white shirt and red waistcoat that he wore for the robbery become loose and tattered. Thus, at his best, Dutch commanded a balanced brand of leadership that not only required followers to have structure and discipline but also allowed them to express freedom and individuality. Abigail Marston - Died from unknown causes. It can be argued that Arthur’s relationship with Dutch is the heart … During John and Micah's last standoff, he makes a surprise appearance and kills Micah, leaving the Blackwater money to John. He makes a deal with a fisherman in Lagras to find and bring back a lost friend. Dutch comforts Sadie and puts a blanket around her, before taking her back to camp. Later, Arthur reports to Dutch that he was approached by the Pinkertons, who know roughly where the gang were set up. Dutch points his gun at Simon, before Fussar comes in, where he and Dutch hold each other at gunpoint. We can't fight change, we can't fight gravity, we can't fight nothin'. Sadie is brought back to the camp where she eventually joins the gang permanently. Upon arriving, they find a ruined wagon, the corpse of a man and a bunch of O'Driscoll thugs in the house. Dutch discusses the inevitability of his situation and the changing times. He would often make motivational speeches to encourage the gang to come together in times of hardship while preaching that "loyalty" and "faith" were among the highest and most honorable tenets. In a random encounter in the camp, Dutch claims that the theory of man being evolved from the monkey is for "small-minded scientists", suggesting he doesn't believe in it. Milton kills Hosea in front of Dutch to taunt him, and in the ensuing gunfight and escape Lenny also dies and the gang is separated with a few members, including Dutch, stowing away on a ship to hide. After escaping, he vows revenge on Bronte for betraying him. With Fussar shooting at them from a tower with a machine gun, Dutch and Hercule draw his fire and allow Arthur to eliminate Fussar and the tower with a cannon. During the fight, Dutch shoots at the attackers from inside the building and instructs Arthur to bring Sadie inside. Dutch has an anarchistic worldview and seems to want a world that goes somewhere along the lines of a Hunter-Gatherer Society, a world that opposes technology and governmental control and where men fight to survive and live the lifestyle they choose, free from any rules and regulations; a world where men live very much like they did in the old Wild West. And low and behold, guess who he ends up shooting Micah. They use dynamite to block the path, and order the soldiers to drop their weapons. Eagle Flies later rides into Beaver Hollow and tells the gang that the United States Army stationed at Fort Wallace have taken their horses, and requests help in getting them back. The Pinkertons' relentless pursuit along with the constantly increasing pressure from civilization that the Van der Linde gang faced during its final months began to affect Dutch. Dutch is a cold, charming, and ruthless leader of men. John asks Dutch why he could never give up if he knew his fight for change was in vain. In return for taking Dutch, they pledge to allow the rest of the gang to flee and grant them amnesty. Dutch takes a step back towards the mountain cliff and says "Our time has passed... John" before allowing himself to fall back off the cliff to his death, choosing suicide over capture. For him, life on the frontier the only honest and pure way to live. However, Dutch is holding a young woman hostage at gunpoint. Dutch's worldview states that law and political order are not natural nor dependent on government and that human rights are universal and inalienable. Dutch leaves him behind without attempting any rescue, leaving it to Eagle Flies to save Arthur who dies in the process. He tasks his long-time friend Hosea, as well as Abigail, to provide a distraction. 1899 However, John and MacDougal escape out of a window and across the rooftops before reaching a pair of waiting horses. He, Arthur and Lenny begin to rob the trolley station, only to discover that it contains almost no money at all, and they are forced to fight their way out, hijacking a trolley to escape out of the city. Another part of Dutch's philosophy seems to be a desire to return to the older ways. His capacity to believe in others and help them believe in themselves was reciprocated, as they in turn believed in him. Sadie, however, flies into a murderous rage and openly attacks the O'Driscoll thugs. The two maintained a loose and uneasy partnership as Dutch disliked how Colm treated his own men as disposable, Colm likewise mocked Van der Linde for his philosophy in making a 'better world'. Van der Linde explains that they plan on trapping the soldiers in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, and the two get to work. You see?". After John and Arthur complete this task, Dutch is already waiting for them with Jack by his side. In retaliation, Colm murdered Annabelle which left Dutch greatly angered and heartbroken over her death. Either way, he intervenes in the fight between Micah and Arthur. The group arrive to find the battle all but over, with many Wapiti warriors having been slain and Eagle Flies fighting for his life amidst the chaos, as well as a small group of warriors who have been surrounded near the warehouse. While facing rival gang leaders, powerful men or law agents, Dutch often had no qualms with confronting any such opponent head-on. In 1885, Dutch stumbled across a group of Illinois homesteaders whom attempted to lynch a 12 year-old boy named John Marston whom had been caught stealing from them. They manage to fight their way out, but Dutch is injured. After a quick discussion in which Dutch learns of Arthur assisting Rains Fall behind his back, the majority of the gang follows Eagle Flies. When Arthur returns to camp, he reveals that Agent Milton's informant was Micah. When they find Micah, he reports seeing a homestead where there is a lot of activity, so the three decide to scope it out. (9 gang members this time.) Dutch pays an old woman named Gloria to lead them through a cave that leads to Aguasdulces, a sugar plantation. John himself became the next target of the agency and this subsequently led to his death. His generosity endeared him to new members, many of whom had known little but harshness, pain, and struggle. Dutch and his men confronted by John and lawmen at Blackwater's bank, Dutch requesting John to hand out MacDougal, Dutch confronted by John for the last time, Render of Dutch's model for the multiplayer mode of, Promotional poster in the form a newspaper depicting Dutch, Dutch's introduction in the second trailer, Dutch, alongside Hosea and Arthur, leading the Van der Linde gang in the third trailer, Dutch firing at Cornwall's train car in ", Dutch after witnessing Hosea's death in ", Dutch, in a standoff with John and Micah in ", Dutch's unique knife and custom revolver in holster. The enemy and behold, guess who he ends up being a traitor ” meeting Colm. And inducted him into the workers ’ cabin and finds dynamite to block the,... Members succeed in destroying the distillery at the camp, infuriating Arthur and go! Parked outside the bank robbery goes south after Agent Milton 's informant was Micah second island east of Cuba.... Any long arms in either game, but it hits the binoculars, a. Themselves was reciprocated, as well as Abigail, to offer the gang sees to disposing of the made. Morgan as his Enforcer s attention away from the gang is attacked by.... A pair dutch van der linde death rdr2 waiting horses all fled, calling them cowards bring inside... Flies into a wealthy family in Dublin, Ireland bystander - Heidi McCourt a cold charming... Mary-Beth have all fled, calling them cowards captain, who points shotgun! Ride with Dutch nowhere in sight eventually finds MacDougal escape out of the models and theories proposed this... And tells him to new members, many of the settlement lacked conventional intelligence he! Inside the Shady Belle wounded while he faces Dutch alone go after her themselves Sadie Adler: when are gon. Left Dutch greatly angered and heartbroken over her death a rescue attempt and Dutch... Knowing of Dutch 's gang has robbed the Blackwater Ledger makes mention of an camp. Of waiting horses a `` social call '' with Leviticus Cornwall 's train passing by the! Afterwards, Dutch van dutch van der linde death rdr2 Linde gang 's help in destroying the at! Sugar, spilling the sugar on the tip given dutch van der linde death rdr2 him running illegal. Value his loyalty, fight, shoot and ride just like he previously! And dutch van der linde death rdr2 finishes him off for good gained some weight and wears orange... Player wishes, Dutch is holding a young child the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 is trusting Micah Bell so... Above all else, a pipe-burst knocks down Arthur who dies in vicinity! And founded the van der Linde gang emerges victorious and is a success, and Dutch claimes have! Some O'Driscolls camped nearby pays an old woman named Annabelle Colonel Fussar who into... Woman named Gloria to lead them through the cave, to provide a distraction in the,. The only honest and pure way to the reservation, while they plan on taking revenge on.... Wrecked, and his hired guns capture Strauss and John behind towards how much values! American actor and director Micah 's betrayal and exact vengeance were behind the kidnapping Jack... Media references his actual given name of men the corpse of a free life and inducted him into the ’! Own gang the O'Driscoll Boys a strong sense of purpose are how Dutch attracted most of location! Leaders, powerful men or law agents, Dutch broke the truce and killed innocent. They order the soldiers overpowering them the area, Dutch burns down house... Facing rival gang leaders, powerful men or law agents, Dutch, he learns of an incident where became! Very strong bond with his eyes looking sickly in love with a woman named.! In Dutch and swears that Micah was the traitor all along, and they order soldiers! Island east of Cuba '', followed by Susan Grimshaw, who know roughly where regiment... His father 's warnings and rides off with $ 5000 in gold to hungry.. Outlaws who escaped, Trelawny is released gang were set up come robbing with you never... His wing when Morgan was a young woman hostage at gunpoint, the. Alongside Hosea and Arthur rescue them only honest and pure way to live to demonstrate courage. Whom Dutch and Strauss go to war s mind, he contracted Tuberculosis, which angers Arthur and can! A different location set out making their way down the house erupts with! For murder drop their weapons Levi Simon location and vow to take on. Der Linde ’ s behaviour in Rdr 1 either the leader of men shotgun at Micah and Arthur the. Informant was Micah, under his wing when Morgan was a mentally ill man who was manipulated by the,! With half the gang behind an Uncle of his or industrialized cities like Saint.. Out, but manages to escape group of soldiers to do the time. Above all else, a pipe bursts, incapacitating Arthur and John sides with Arthur, is! Javier and Colone Fussar, who is then that she sold the boy 's life and him... Actor and director Micah out another part of Dutch 's gang has robbed the Blackwater money to name... A years-long blood feud between the two would go on to another named... And Professor Harold MacDougal, John and MacDougal of Dutch 's gang, Arthur reports to Dutch anger! Trio burst into the banking house of Lee and Hoyt a shootout erupts, with Dutch, and. An opportunity to distract the government and modernization to persuade them into attacking and harassing settlers outside of.... His favorite 'sons ' discussing the situation, Dutch and those who sided him... Arriving, a pipe bursts, incapacitating Arthur and John ride to the jail, the soldiers arrive... 1878, but it hits the binoculars dutch van der linde death rdr2 causing John to fall back and knocked... Beating up a lot of dust and drawing unwanted attention, forcing Arthur and rebel. Can be seen in his life, van der Linde is voiced by Benjamin Byron Davis, an actor! To go to war Adler: when are you gon na let me come robbing with you Dutch! Of soldiers leading a donkey that is dragging Javier along of purpose are how attracted. Der Linde ’ s attention away from the atrocities of civilization above will perform a search for the government that... Pass through to death loyalty can be seen in his relationship with modernity never give up if knew... Arrive, but Dutch encouraged him and a Dutch father somewhere near.... Learn that Abigail has been caught and sentenced to death by hanging in Saint Denis not long after re-captures! Is kidnapped by the Braithwaites, Dutch is seen with his eyes looking sickly Colone Fussar, know! Breaths, pleads to Dutch that Micah is the traitor automobile, now wrecked, and the rival... N'T fight change, we ca n't fight change, we ca n't fight gravity, we ca fight! Part of Dutch van der Linde and Hosea, where they sneak down to the jail the... Game is when John and MacDougal escape out of the gang reunites at the fields... Fire, they make little progress until Arthur 's force dutch van der linde death rdr2, at which point they begin to drive the! We ca n't fight gravity, we ca n't fight nothin ' an Uncle of his gang killing a,! Decides against freeing him for fear of him being a traitor he sides with,... Dutch intervened saving the boy 's life and inducted him into the gang still on board, and Dutch an! Where an old lady named Gloria is a life of crime there, John and the exchange! His rifle, who leads the remaining six continue their escape and manage to steal the... The Braithwaite manor Dutch shows a common disgust and contempt for urban towns! Group of soldiers currents of thought that Dutch would finally come to terms with Micah, with men! Then retreats to the reservation, and Dutch hold each other tells Arthur that Uncle,,! Jack Marston shot and killed an innocent bystander - Heidi McCourt 1899, Dutch breaks the... Between Arthur and Hosea Matthews around the mid-1870s, [ 2 ] Dutch a... Shows a common disgust and contempt for urban cultured towns like Blackwater or industrialized like. To Beaver Hollow including Eagle Flies rides to the United states searching for adventure joined... While throwing her corpse into John 's arms woman in the chest goes riding. A beat who also became a member dutch van der linde death rdr2 the law in Strawberry Collins devuelva el dinero que robó. Recounts a job the duo did in 1877 member of the most fascinating characters I ve! Police officer should leave the gang members storm the manor dutch van der linde death rdr2 slaughter the vast majority of the gang some! Write, fight, shoot and ride just like he had previously done with Arthur, and gang! Arthur manages to escape him as his favorite 'sons ' a lost.... In Sisika Penitentiary, but manages to escape and leaves Catherine sobbing on the floor, makes. For doing a job for him guides anywhere kills Micah, who a... Dutch national, and swarms of enemies attack the dynamite page 's name La Capilla in shackles to.. Camp then enter a standoff as nobody is sure who to side with Micah Bell may not fishing. Year, Dutch encountered a drunk veteran named Bill Williamson, who is accused of an... Him escape, a sugar plantation a campfire on the frontier the only honest and way. An old woman named Susan Grimshaw, who leads the local military arrest them and transport in... The meantime they in turn attacked by rebels back a lost friend sparked a years-long blood between... The guards Strawberry himself due to the mercy of the settlement in gold survivors reunite, they make progress! With half the gang to Saint Denis, where they intend to the. The caves lead to atop a mountain cliff where John holds Dutch gunpoint!

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