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3 Can I add my own villains? The main villain was originally to be Arawn, however, the animators felt people would like him better since he had horns (such as Maleficent and Chernabog).His main plan in the movie was to find the Black Cauldren and use it's power to unlease an army of deathless Cauldron Born. 1 Welcome to the Disney Villainous Homebrew Wiki! He is the ruler of Prydain in The dark land Annuvin, taking in place of the first dark emperor, Arawn Death-Lord. He never appeared in the original series, but now appears in the role of the false Ansem, the first of the Seekers of Darkness to challenge Sora/Mickey on his quest to save the worlds from the forces of darkness. His greatest enemies were Taran and his band of friends. The Horned King is the main villain from the first Kingdom Hearts Unlimited installment in the series. He is among the most evil villains in the show. The Horned King Is a Villainous Lord Of Prydain, He Appeared In All Of Kingdom Hearts Series. The Horned King (voiced by the late John Hurt) is the main villain from Winnie the Pooh's Search for The Black Cauldron.He plotted to take over Prydain and the rest of the worlds with the power of the Cauldron and the cauldron-born that would spawn from it. Arawn is meant to be the "spirit" trapped within the Cauldron. Strangely enough, the Horned King actually loves Honoria, but has trouble raising her. The Horned King was the main antagonist of Disney's The Black Cauldron, voiced by John Hurt, who also voices and portrays the Great Dragon in Merlin.He is a treacherous, vindictive, malicious and spiteful monarch who plans to find theBlack Cauldronand use its power to unleash an army of deathless warriors called theCauldron Born. He seeks to conquer that world. Arawn does not appear in the Disney film adaptation of The Chronicles of Prydain but his role is filled by that of the Horned King. He now owns a store namedCauldron Repair and had a daughter he named Honoria and let her have the last name "King". We’re a collaborative community website about homebrew content made by different users on the Internet for the board/card game Disney Villainous. Disney Villainous is a strategic tabletop game where you take the role of a classic Disney Villain. - The Horned King The Horned King (Voiced by the late John Hurt) is one of Disney's most terrifying villains ever created, and the main antagonist of Aaron and The Black Cauldron. trivia: His eyes turn red, when he gets angry. 2 What is Disney Villainous? Contents[show] Biography Return of the Chasers The Horned King is the dark lord of Prydain. This is the group of villains in the Sora's Adventures Series made by TheAngryPepe (aka PrinceJosh1992). He allies himself with Dracula, Ravenna, Davy Jones, Queen Chrysalis, Palpatine and other villains hoping to rid themselves of heroes and heroines forever. He plans on using the fabled Black Cauldron in doing so. He is eventually found by Iblis who offers him an alliance as one of his top generals. The Horned King played Gigantic Genie in Ericladdin The Horned King played Gaston in Beauty and the Mountain Lion The Horned King played Davy Jones in Pirates Of The Caribbean [Prince Balto Style] The Horned King played Lord Shen in Kung Fu Man-Cub 2 The Horned King played Vaatu in The Legend of Princess The Horned King played Hades in Reefcules However, he was replaced by the Horned King. The Horned King is one of The villains brought back to life to be imprisoned in TheIsle of the Lost. The Horned king is infamous among positive characters, to the point that he is frequently compared to the Devil. Master Xehanort (Founder/Leader) Shuriki (Co-Founder/Leader) The Secretary of Night Vanitas Xemnas Winterbolt Scratcher the Reindeer Genie of the Ice Scepter Pete Nora Dershlit Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit Orson Krennic CLU 2 Mother Gothel CJ Hook Captain Hook Smee Brooke (from Austin & … The Horned King was the main villain in The Black Cauldron.He was voiced by the late John Hurt. Arawn was the original main antagonist for the film The Black Cauldron. He is Taran's arch-nemesis. His original actor was the late John Hurt. 4 Latest activity Welcome! His plan was, however, foiled when Gurgi jumped into the cauldron in order to stop it's dark powers. The Horned King is an evil entity and the main antagonist of The Black Cauldron and Heroes and Villains.

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